Fiber for Helmet

For those of you superhero cosplayers, stunt actor, or motorists, especially two-wheeled vehicles, definitely must use a helmet. Currently there are many helmet models available on the market. There are several types of helmet-making materials. One of them is fiber and foam helmet. 

This article will discuss the differences in fiber and foam helmet. Here are some differences between fiber and foam helmets.

  • Fiber helmets are lighter than foam helmets

This can be seen from its use, fiber helmet is more often used to make cosplay clothes. One of them is used for power ranger custume replica. This costume will be more comfortable and safer if you use this fiber material. The user will be easier to use and easier to breathe. Its light weight will also make the custume helmet power ranger wearer not easily tired so it is very comfortable to use for a long time.

  • Fiber helmets are easier to maintain than foam helmets

Most of these fiber helmets are used for superhero costumes such as power ranger custume replica. This custom uses the material so that it is easier to maintain because it is very easy to clean. In general, fiber material is not easy to make dust difficult to stick and when exposed to liquid, the liquid does not easily absorb inside of the fiber. Therefore, this fiber material is perfect for superhero costumes that are often used outdoors.

  • Fiber helmets are easier to carry than foam helmets

Because of its light weight, this makes fiber helmets easier to carry than foam helmets. Therefore, cosplay costumes like power ranger custume cosplay can be carried anywhere easily because of their light weight. Usually this type of fiber helmet is used for superhero costumes that often appear outdoors.

Thus the explanation is related to some differences between fiber helmet and foam helmet. This information is very important so you can determine the quality of the costumes you will wear at the cosplay festival.

Here is the video explained the comparison between foam and fiber helmet:

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