Gridman, The Agent of the Kaiju Killer

Who’s been watching the anime SSS Gridman? Very interesting story, the flow is solid and easy to understand. But we are going to rewind again to the year 1993-1994 which before the anime turns out Gridman is based on the Live Action story titled “Denkou Choujin Gridman” Or maybe you guys might often hear with the name “Gridman The HyperAgent”. Therefore in this article, will discuss 4 types of Gridman Transforms.

  1. Gridman

This is the original form of Gridman, before it changed the main character Naoto Sho must enter the password “Gridman”. The ultimate move is often used when Gridman will finish off the kaiju of the Grid Beam located in his right hand.

  1. Thunder Gridman

It is a combined transformation between God Zenon with Gridman or the usual one we know with the title Syncro, with this merger Gridman has a big power but loses its speed to his big armor to defeat Kaiju. The final move is Fixer Beam located in his chest.

  1. King Gridman

This is an upgrade change when King Jets unite with Thunder Gridman, when in this mode the King Gridman has a very remarkable pace and tremendous power is also a tough one in the balance by the kaiju. His final move are King Grid Beam is an upgraded version of Fixer Beam.

  1. Full Power Gridman

This is the final Transform of Gridman that brings together all 5 vehicular of Assist Weapons, the shape is like the King of Thunder Gridman riding the Jet by carrying a Dragonic cannon. His final moves are Enhanced Flight Speed and Bombardment.

Some vehicular of the Assist Weapons used by Gridman are Gridman Sword, Plasma Blade and Barier Shield, Thunder Axe, Thunder Jet, Twin Driller, God Tank, Dyna Fighter, King Jet and Dragonic Cannon

Here are some of the transformations in the Live action series “Denkou Choujin Gridman”. If you want to become a Gridman then you can wear the Armor and Weapons Assist for cosplay costume. Get similar and quality costumes only at Jtokucostume. Here is some photos of Jtokucostume’s Gridman.

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