Gundam Face Cover Mask

You as a hobby & figure lover, you want to stay healthy, in this time of plague, but also you want to be stylish and known as cultured man. We, JTOKU have the answer for that.

RX-78 Face Cover

JTOKU makes a mask that fit for you as a figure lover. As this time of plague especially COVID-19 we want to keep you to look stylish and also healthy. This mask has four variant, Gundam, Evangelion, Sub-Zero & Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Crossbone Face Cover

You could request the material that we use, but basically we use rubber resin and or plastic resin. The plastic resin material is available for all four Character and the coloring is so quintessential. JTOKU also didn’t forget to the attention to detail. It prove by the detail of each mask. The Gundam Mask, it looks so mechanical, firm and solid. The Evangelion looks beasty, anger and the red coloring inside the teeth makes it blood-thirsty. And the Scorpion & Sub-Zero, it’s exactly like the classic Mortal Kombat, but the detailing that what JTOKU makes, it make looks aged-well and make it timeless.

Evangelion Face Mask

I personally, loves the Evangelion. As you may know, Evangelion in it’s anime looks grim, dark and gory. Evangelion itself is a bio-mech and in the anime it looks more silkier, fast and it has more character into it. In this mask, it represent that. The chin is more pointy, the teeth is more texturize by using hexagonal shapes so it’s more character, inside the teeth, they painted red and textured with triangular shapes, so it looks like more teeth inside the teeth and looks blood thirsty.

Barbatos Face Cover

This product could be the alternative for you to buy a modified mask, the quality is good and JTOKU’s attention to detail is unquestionable for you to find a very good qualified hobbies and costume product.

If you want to see our collections, you can go directly to our Etsy shop here.

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