King Tyranno Finally Came to Life!

This fanmade creation has shock the internet. It is getting viral and known by so many fans of Power Rangers. Until this time, nobody has made the whole costume, but we finally nailed it.

King Tyranno by ArtofTran

The origin concept to fusion Red Mighty Morphin and Gold Zeo with new ornament for armors. The most color is red, with gold and black as decorative parts. White is still the chosen color for gloves and boots.

The point why this design get many attention is because Red Mighty Morphin and Gold Zeo itself is iconic character in Power Rangers universe. It is played by Austin St. John. And until this time, it is still most favorable and high demand in Power Ranger’s fanbase.

Tinh Hung Vo Tran, the man behind @artoftran, the designer of King Tyranno, made plenty of fusion ranger design beside the King Tyranno. Jtokucostume decide to have a partnership collaboration with Artoftran, so Jtokucostume have permission to make all of his creation into real life.

Fullset of King Tyranno by Jtokucostume

It takes time to make this costume, but no longer than 4 months if you commissioned it. The helmet itself made from fiberglass and the armor parts are made from sturdy foam wrapped by leather. There is no painting use in armors, so the color will stay and will not chip.

The bodysuit is designed by Jtoku’s design team and printed in 4 way stretch spandex. We use special ink for printing the suit so the color will not fade away easily. We use special gold chrome for gold part on the armors, to make sure the gold color is really shiny.

To bring this design come true, we really paid attention to the detail. To see more of them, follow our Instagram account @jtokucostume.

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