Lord Drakkon x Sub Zero, unbeatable evil!

Are you fans of Mortal Kombat? Or do you prefer Power Rangers? Worry not! We made a fusion between these two. Not a Power Ranger that you saw on TV though. We choose Lord Drakkon from Power Rangers representation. From Mortal Kombat, we choose the icey one, Sub Zero.

Lord Drakkon is a famous villain in Power Rangers comic by BOOM! Power Ranger’s fans loved him so much that many of them made their own version and even cosplay him. Lord Drakkon has evolution form as the comic goes by. But nothing can beat Lord Drakkon first form. Because it is so morphinomenal.

Sub Zero is also famous villain, but in Mortal Kombat universe. His icey ability is everyone’s favorite. You can always meet someone cosplaying as him in comic convention. Sub Zero has many designs based on which series of Mortal Kombat that you prefer. For this design, we chose Mortal Kombat 11.

We are trying to combine them into one new character who evil and cool like both of them. For the helmet part, we combined the Lord Drakkon head with Sub Zero mask. For the armor, we use Lord Drakkon base. The morpher and the shield still following Lord Drakkon design. But the ornaments are from Sub Zero.

The most interesting thing in Sub Zero is his ornament parts, so it must be placed in the right place and as visible as possible. Both Lord Drakkon and Sub Zero are muscular person, we also keep that in the design.

For the gold part, it is customisable, for chrome gold or matte look, since people has their own preference of Power Rangers and Mortal Kombat design. We loved chrome gold though, and also metalic blue will be perfect.

We could bring this design to life, since costume making is in our blood and sweat. We have done Power Rangers costume and Mortal Kombat costume so many times. Are you interested to do so? Message us through this messenger window.

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