Lord Zedd, The MMPR Archnemesis

In the power rangers TV series, you have many power ranger enemies. The majority of them are monsters. One of the most powerful archenemy power rangers is Lord Zedd. Lord Zedd is a central antagonist in the film power rangers. This figure always appears in series of power rangers. This article will discuss the character of Lord Zedd in the power rangers TV series.

  • Who is Lord Zedd?

For those of you Power Rangers lovers, you are certainly familiar with the character of Lord Zedd. This figure is known to be evil and become a central figure in the role of the antagonist in the film power rangers. Lord Zedd is the husband of Rita Repulsa (enemy antagonist of Zordon). Originally Rita Repulsa was locked up by Zordon in space but because of astronauts accidentally unlocking the prison lock, where Rita Repulsa was locked up then Rita Repulsa was able to escape.

The crime of Lord Zedd is indeed feared by many parties, especially the power rangers themselves. Starting with the crime Lord Zedd captured Ninjor, almost killing Kimberly, thus proving that Lord Zedd is more evil and dangerous than King Mondo in the film Power Ranger Zeo. Therefore, in the MMPR series Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa re-emerge to destroy the earth. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa often fail at destroying the earth but they will insist to eradicate humans on earth.

  • Lord Zedd Costume Design

Because of its unique appearance, it makes the audience feel attracted by the central antagonist in this authentic power rangers film . Lord Zedd’s design, which is a Greek army, will make the power rangers more exciting and interesting.


That’s the figure of Lord Zedd, the strongest enemy of power rangers. If you need Lord Zedd costumes then you can order them on Jtoku. Jtoku provides various types of costumes in the power rangers TV series including Lord Zedd.

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