Unicorn Gundam That You Need To Know

For those of you who grew up in the 90s, there’s no doubt a lot of movies on weekends are broadcast on national television. One of them is Gundam. There are about 10 types of gundam, namely unicorn gundam, zeta gundam, star winning gundam, tryon 3 gundam, zz gundam, gaia gundam, aiges gundam, flouros gundam, reversible gundam, and kimaris trooper gundam. But in this article only discusses one of those gundams, which is about the history of the anime gundam unicorn.

What is Gundam Unicorn ?
Gundam is one type of robot that is capable of being transformed or turned into a different vehicle. This Gundam can also be in the form of toys so you can get it at a toy store. For the unicorn gundam itself is a robot that is unable to turn into a vehicle. This unicorn Gundam is very unique, this robot remains a robot and does not change shape.


The origin of the unicorn gundam came from a teenager named Benagher Links meeting a girl named Audrey Burne and rescuing her from a major disaster. Audrey is actually a spy Zeon who wants to destroy the earth. But Audrey’s intention was postponed so that he became friends with Benagher. Finally Benagher himself was forced to fight with Gundam Unicorn with Nahel Argama to fight Zeon and his own friend, Audrey Burne.

Gundam Unicorn character
This white mobile suit can turn into destroyer mode if the NT-D psycoframe system is activated. This unicorn has a powerful weapon to attack enemies namely missile weapons. This weapon is like a beam rifle and hyper bazooka. The first time the Gundam Unicorn was used by Benagher to attack his enemy, Zeon and his army, including Audrey Burne.
Thanks to the NT-D and Psycoframe systems, the pilot can control the Gundam Unicorn with his mind. In addition, the ability of this mind is also able to control the enemy through his mind. The disadvantage of this Gundam Unicorn lies in the destroy mode, because this mode can only last for 5 minutes.

Unicorn Gundam Design
For those who have never seen Gundam Unicorn, this article will explain the design of the anime Gundam Unicorn. In this Unicorn Gundam has a plain design without ornamentation with a dominant white color.

Thus the explanation related to the history of the anime Gundam Unicorn. For those of you anime lovers especially Gundam, this information is very useful to increase your knowledge.

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