Bone Hunter from Monster Hunter

Monster hunter is a game based on adventures. There are many characters in it, such as cepadrom, monoblos, plesioth, diablos, gravios, yian garuga, blue yian kut-ku, black gravios, silver rathalos, green plesioth, pink rathian, red khezu, black diablos , azure rathalos, purple gypceros, gold rathian, crimson fatalis, kirin, lao shin lung, fatalist, ashen lao-shan lung.

Besides the monster character, there is also a bone hunter figure. We will discuss all about bone hunters from Monster Hunter. This character has a cool and elegant costume. This costume is usually used by fans of this film as a costume for the monster hunter cosplay event. Here are some bone hunters who have an attractive costume appearance.

This bone hunter figure has weapons that are used for close combat. Weapons such as the Great Sword, Lance, Hammer and others. Where the Great Swoard is a giant sword and has great power so it is dangerous for the enemy. Lance is a spear-type weapon used to stab opponents. While the Hammer is a weapon shaped like a hammer with a spiky ball-shaped tip. This weapon is so heavy and dangerous that it is feared by its opponents.

The next figure is Gunner. This hunter class prefers to use long-range weapons when fighting enemies. Weapons such as Ligh Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun. For these weapons must use bullets when used. Because more often do long-distance battles so physically this character has a lower physical defense than the blademaster character. This gunner needs bullets to fight his enemy. In this monster hunter game or movie there are several types of bullets such as Normal S, Piece S, Pellet S, Crag S, Clust S, and so on. Normal S-type bullets are ordinary bullets used by bone hunters. Piece S is a type of bullet that can kill more than one monster. Pellet S is a bullet that spreads if fired. Crag S is a type of bullet that has a large explosion, while for Clust S is a type of bullet turns into a bomb when fired.

That’s like all about bone hunter from the movie Hunter hunter. For those of you fans of game or movie hunter monsters, you can wear the costumes of these figures. You can get these costumes on Jtoku for various events such as monster hunter cosplay.

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