Fact About Tommy That Become Lord Drakkon

Tommy is a white ranger in the MMPR series. In the latest power ranger comics, Tommy comes out of the power ranger and turns into Lord Drakkon. Lord Drakkon is a dangerous ranger for all five power ranger. Tommy’s character who becomes Lord Drakkon turns into an antagonist who is hostile to Tommy’s own rangers or friends. In the latest power ranger film, it is depicted that Tommy can be awakened and replace Jason Lee Scot’s leadership as the leader of the ranger to fight crime. In this article we will explain Lord Drakon’s sundries which are not widely known.
Here are some things that are not yet known to many people related to Lord Drakkon.

Tommy was a green ranger

He became a green ranger because he was given the sixth dragon coin or power coin from Rita Repulsa (the antagonist in the power ranger or the main enemy of the ranger). Tommy got magic from Rita Repulsa so she became an antagonist. Under the influence of Rita Repulsa’s magic, Tommy once destroyed the rangers by sabotaging the Zordon connecting machine and hacking the Alpha 5 system.

Tommy is not a member of the power ranger

Back again, Tommy was bewitched by Rita Repulsa, who was hostile to the rangers. Here Tommy turn into Lord Drakkon. Many of Tommy’s crimes include fighting the rangers, but Tommy was made aware of Alpha 5. Alpha 5 at that time also designed costumes for the white ranger.

Tommy became a white ranger

After regaining consciousness and returning to the power ranger, Tommy was given the power of a whiter ranger and became a white ranger. Tommy combines the strength of the White Ranger and Green Ranger so that the costume changes into a combination of White and Green Ranger.

Lord Drakkon has a troubled army

Tommy who became the white ranger named himself as Lord Drakon. This Lord Drakkon snatched a power coin from the hands of the ranger. With power coins, Lord Drakkon formed an army that used armor power rangers with the nickname power sentries.

Lord Drakkon has the strongest power compared to other ranger

In the latest film the power ranger is depicted, that Tomi or Lord Drakkon has the strongest power compared to other ranger. This is because Lord Drakkon has a power coin that makes him stronger.


Thus the explanation of Lord Drakkon’s sundries that is not known to many people.┬áMay be useful.

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