M.A.S.K Mobile Armored Strike Kommand Spectrum Matt Trakker




Collaboration with Nawa Rie Eda.

Around 1985 – 1986, around the age of 8, I watched this cartoon, MASK: Mobile Armor Strike Kommand (apart from Silverhawk, Centurions, Marshall Bravestar of course) the story of a group of cool guys with shape-shifting cars. On duty, these guys wore helmets which were cool at the time. Spectrum Matt Trakker as the lead character. This is why I made this helmet. For nostalgia, because the cars are quite expensive to make. There are several characters that I definitely remember, Matt, Mayhem Venom, the beautiful Gloria Becker and Vanessa. I made this from Fiber Resin Cast. This is great for display or cosplay.

The fanmade replica of M.A.S.K Mobile Armored Strike Kommand Spectrum Matt Trakker.
Made from Fiber, with padding in the inside of the helmet
The size is 1:1 with the actual helmet in the show.

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