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Japan does have an amazing variety of cartoons. This Japanese card movie is known as anime. There are various types of famous anime, one of which is the TV series Ronin Warrrior. Ronin Warrior is an anime with a samurai theme. In this anime there are some legendary figures. Every character in the anime Ronin Warrior has his own character and strengths. In this article, we will discuss 4 figures in the Ronin Warrior anime.


These four figures become the central or main characters in the anime series Ronin Warrior. Here are 4 figures in the Ronin Warrior anime.

  • Ryo Sanada

Ryo Sanada is the main character as well as a hero in the Ronin Warrior anime series. Therefore, Ryo Sanada became the leader of Ronin Warrior. The character of Ryo Sanada is to have a big heart and care for his colleagues. Ryo is a descendant of the Ninja Shinobi. The weapon of Ryo Sanada is the spirit sword or better known as Gou Retsu Ken. This Ryo Senada uses red armor. Ryo Sanada cosplay costume is widely available in various places.

  • Date Sage

The next character in the Ronin Warrior anime is Date Sage. This Date Sage is the most mature and often alone member of RoninWarrior. Date Sage comes from a very simple Japanese family. Weapons from this Date Sage are swords that can emit lightning. This sword can release enormous energy so that it can instantly destroy its opponent.

  • Cyo Mauri

The character who is not less cool in the Ronin Warrior anime series is Cyo Mauri. Cyo Mauri is the oldest Ronin Warrior member among other members. In addition, the character of Cyo Mauri is calm and more patient. Cyo has a family, where his father died when he was young and his mother was a potter. The weapon of Cyo Mauri is the trident. The trident was equipped with a dagger and claw weapon.

  • Ray Fang’s Kento

Kento Ray Fang has the greatest physical strength compared to other Ronin Warriro members. He comes from a family that is quite rich, because it has a famous restaurant in Yokohama. The main weapon of Kento Ray Fang is a stick with the name “nunchakus”. This weapon is very capable of being used for close combat. Kento Ray Fang uses red armor which can cause an earthquake when Kento uses the strength of his armor. You can get this armor or Kento Ray Fang cosplay costume in Jtoku as a quality place to get various anime character costume products.


That’s the 4 characters in the anime Ronin Warrior with the protagonist or as the hero. If you want to become a character in Ronin Warrior then you can wear the character’s cosplay custome. Get similar and quality costumes only at Jtoku.

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